Coach Trips: The Reserve of the Elderly?

When you think of coach holidays, it is likely that you think of the blue rinse brigade – they do seem to feature older people more than youngsters! There is something about a coach holiday trip which seems to appeal to the older folk. Perhaps it is the whole travelling around with friends, and not […]

Lorry Drivers and their Hours

Lorry drivers are required by law to stick to specific rules for how long they are allowed to drive in one go.  Tachographs are used to measure the length of time and the number of miles driven.  Tacho software is available to keep track of driver hours and is easy to use and produce a […]

Why YOU Need to Learn to Drive

Driving is something many of us just take for granted. We learnt how to drive when we hit 17 and never really looked back. There are a surprising number of people who have never learnt to drive. These could be people who live in cities, where public transport is readily available and reliable, or they […]

Finding the Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

The cost of charging an electric car is different for many places throughout the UK. Charging at your home is likely to cost around £3-4 per ful charge. At work, you might be lucky enough to get free electricity which you can use throughout the day. If you find a public charge point, these can […]